A group art show

April 5th - May 18th 2003 at Culture Cache Gallery, San Francisco, CA.

Curated by Jeff Soto.

Artists include:

Adam Janes, Albert Carranza, Albert Chow, Alex Gross, Alison Taylor, Brian M. Viveros, Calef Brown, Cameron Tiede, Caroline Hwang, Chris Bishop, Christian Clayton, Dalek, Damon Soule, Daniel Chang, Dave Cooper, David Choe, E-Dog, Gary Baseman, Gary Taxali, James Fish, Jason Holley, Jeff Ribaudo, Jeff Soto, JohnPaul, Jon Chase, Jonathan Wayshack, Jonathan Weiner, Jordan Crane, Jordin Isip, Justin Wood, Justin Krietinmeyer, Kevin Christy, Lance, Levon Jihanian, Man One, Maria Castro, Maria Rendon, Mark Miller, Mars, Martha Rich, Matt Leines, Max Miceli, Maxx, Mayan Escalante, Melinda Beck, Nik Daum, Oksana Badrak, Omar Lee, PJay Fidler, Poor Al, Rachel Sumpter, Regino Gonzalez, Rob Clayton, Robert Bellm, Ryan Sanchez, Ryan Smith, Saiman Chow, Saelee Oh, Shaunna Peterson, Souther Salazar, Steven Daily, Sunny Buick, Tara McPherson, Travis Chatham.

Culture Cache Gallery

A word on Norman Rockwell and His Paintings

We also want to give a special thanks to work by Norman Rockwell for the inspiration. If you're trying to step your art game up then this is the perfect place to get started.

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